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Day one as a locum GP: your checklist

Mar 03 2017

Starting any new job can feel overwhelming, but as locum doctor, the first day will become a regular occurrence as you move from one practice to another. Diligent preparation is the key to feeling...

How to be successful as a newly qualified GP

Mar 12 2017

Starting any new job is simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking, but for newly qualified GPs, the pressure is on away from the safety net of tutors, mentors and fellow trainees. If you’re...

Locum GPs face extra challenges

Mar 12 2017

Whether it’s a conscious career move or done temporarily out of necessity, being a locum GP has many lifestyle benefits. It offers variety and above all flexibility, with the ability for GPs...

Keeping burnout at bay: wellbeing for GPs

Mar 12 2017

It’s a bit of a truism to suggest that doctors can sometimes expend so much energy looking after their patients’ health and wellbeing that they neglect their own. But it’s a profe...

Portfolio careers for GPs: what, why and how?

Mar 12 2017

Portfolio careers are becoming increasingly popular in all walks of life, as the world of work moves away from the traditional 9-5 job in favour of more flexible and fulfilling work that takes adva...